About us

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KAFAGA.COM was established by an interior designer with a penchant and passion for design and creativity. Armed with 20 years of international experience, she identified many gaps within the interior design industry.

She founded KAFAGA in order to plug those gaps and infuse a breath of fresh air into the industry of Interior design. With the undying support of co-founders, a real estate expert and a lawyer, KAFAGA came into being to address the three main problems afflicting the interior design industry – Affordability, Trust and Reachability.

 Since then, it has become a worldwide destination for connecting international Interior designers with prospective consumers. KAFAGA is also a welcoming platform where all barriers are eliminated between designers and consumers.

Our mission in KAFAGA is to bypass the countless research hours to connect Interior design communities worldwide with prospective consumers in their geographical areas or worldwide.

The intention of KAFAGA is to achieve a simple and user friendly online platform that allows consumers to reach out to interior design firms with ease, book consultations, browse through design firm portfolios, explore international design trends, get inspired by before and after pictures and much more.

Our objective is to make your desire for interior designing your space into a reality – easily and effectively. The common belief that to hire a professional interior designer costs a huge sum of money is a deterrent to many prospective consumers. KAFAGA aims to bring professional interior design services to everyone who wishes to design their space at an affordable price.

With a passion to fructify our vision, you can now trust, reach and afford Interior designers both locally and globally. A deft touch of a skillful designer is all it needs to lend the ‘wow’ factor– be it home, office, hotel, shop or even your private jet and the sprawling new yacht you may have purchased.

Friendly cause

The last time a global survey was attempted – by the United Nations in 2005 – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015). We are truly passionate and determined to make a difference in our world and help people around the world that lack adequate housing. We believe that every person in our world deserves to have a cozy bed to rest their head at the end of the night, a simple kitchen to prepare food to keep alive and a permanent place to go to feel safe to call it home. We have made it a mission to start up a charity which will work towards rebuilding houses for the homeless and renovating houses that lack the standard living qualities. With your registration to our website you are also joining this compelling cause to help improve less fortunate peoples housing environments. On yearly basis the amount gathered will help at least two families to live in peace and forever be thankful. Lets all put our hands together and help people with the basics of life which is having a home.

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